Medical Attendant Visa from Bangladesh

Medical Attendant Visa from Bangladesh

The medical attendant visa from Bangladesh will only be granted to family members of the patient who will receive medical treatment in India.

Relatives accompanying a patient who want to travel to India for medical treatment are allowed to apply  online for an Indian medical attendant visa.Outside nationals going with a relative to India for clinical therapy might be applied for Medical attendant Visa.

A limit of 2 relatives for every quiet can be conceded Medical attendant Visa For India. This kind of visa must be utilized to enter the nation in the event that going with the patient, who should hold Medical attendant Visa for India.

Medical attendant Visa Requirement:
  • NID/Birth certificate,
  • Latest Utility Bill copy.
  • Bank statement/Dollar endorsement (Endorsement should not be older than 1 (one) month at the time of submission) /Active international credit card /Travel card.
  • Medical Invitation letter from India with specific date.
  • Proof Of Occupation

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