How can I get Indian medical visa from Bangladesh ?

How can I get Indian medical visa from Bangladesh ?

indian medical visa from bangladesh

With thousands of people traveling there year for medical care, India has developed into a leader in the south Asian medical community. As unexpected as it may be, nearly 64 percent of the total of the nation’s medical tourists are Bangladeshis. In 2018, 237,750 Bangladeshis traveled to India for medical care. Even more current figures are available. Given the tremendous demand for services, many people are unaware of the correct procedure for requesting an Indian Medical Visa.

One of the specific visa options created for those seeking medical advice or treatment from India is the Indian Medical Visa. This visa grants visiting patients special status and is often handled as soon as possible.

An individual who has a medical visa is permitted to enter a country to obtain medical care. The medical visa permits multiple admissions of up to three times during a stay of up to 12 months in India. It may also be renewed based on the patient’s need. The patient’s possession of a legitimate appointment letter from a physician in India is the only prerequisite. Before choosing to have therapy or consultation in India, the patient must also receive some kind of medical treatment from Bangladesh.

Who need medical visa from Bangladesh to get treatment in Indian Hospital?

If you fulfill the following criteria and hold a passport from Bangladesh, you may apply for a medical visa. Receiving medical care in India is the sole purpose of the trip.In fact, the treatment center chosen is a respectable hospital or healthcare facility recognized by the Indian government.

The patient will have a maximum of two family members or close friends with them as medical attendants. A “Medical Attendant Visa” must be applied for separately by medical attendants.

Genuine certifications for the oral polio vaccine and yellow fever vaccination can be submitted by the patient and medical staff.

Patients in need of a medical visa will be given preference. These treatments include neurosurgery, joint replacement, kidney transplants, ocular diseases, renal disorders, cardiac problems, congenital disorders, organ transplantations, radiation therapy, plastic surgery, liver transplants, and gene therapy.

Processing of medical visa application from Bangladesh :

The first and most important step in applying for an Indian visa online. The IVAC website has a visa application form that applicants must fill out. It should be remembered that the sole organization handling Indian visa applications worldwide is IVAC.

Users must start the application process by going to the Online Application Form on the IVAC website. The applicant must enter their information and the type of visa they are requesting for in this field.

Different information is needed depending on the type of visa. We will solely discuss the documentation needed for the medical visa as we are talking about medical visas.

There are a few visa-specific documents that the applicant must provide with the application in addition to the standard application paperwork listed in the next section. The application form must also be physically turned in at the IVAC, making the process hybrid.

A copy of the appointment letter from an Indian physician must be submitted by the applicant for a medical visa. Additionally, the applicant must provide all pertinent medical information related to the disease. This covers consultations, test results, and prescriptions written by a physician in Bangladesh. The remaining required documents are typical ones for visa applications.

Documents requirement for medical visa

1.A valid passport that is original and has a minimum remaining validity of six months as of the day the visa application was submitted. There should be at least two (2) blank pages in the passport.

  1. The application form must be submitted with any previous passports.
  2. A current 2 x 2 color passport-size photograph showing the entire face on a white backdrop.
  3. A copy of the birth certificate OR national ID card 5. A copy of the power bill, gas bill, or landline telephone bill is proof of residency (not less than 6 months old)
  4. Endorsement of foreign cash equivalent to US$150 per application (endorsement must not be more than three months old at the time of submission) OR updated summary bank statement demonstrating sufficient funds
  5. Proof of profession
  6. Documents from a local doctor that are necessary to substantiate the symptoms or diseases, as well as medical reports
  7. A legitimate appointment letter from an Indian hospital that includes the applicant’s and their attendant’s names and passport information, the appointment date, the attending physician, etc.
  8. It is advised to obtain a medical visa (MV) and a medical attendant for those who possess official passports (MX-visa).
  9. In order to act as a medical attendant, parents or guardians must always accompany minor applicants.

Are you looking for medical visa assistance from Bangladesh?

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NB: Indian tourist visa holder are allowed to get all Medical treatment without Medical visa except Organ transplant .

how can I get Indian medical visa from Bangladesh

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